Remembering George Duke: 1946-2013  

George Duke, one of the greatest pianists, producers, songwriters, arrangers, musical directors, and all-around musicians I've have ever seen, passed away last week at the age of 67. Duke's career saw him play with everyone from Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly,…Read more

Should Musicians Work For Free?

Just dropping in to share my thoughts at the moment...

Musicians (and artists in general)... we often get calls to perform and do shows or play on people's albums for very little to no money, or for free and…Read more

A Very Inspiring Message from a "B" liever!!

Brandon, thank you so much, my friend. Your posts inspire and teach us all what honor, true love and respect really are in this day and age and I have a high regard for you. You are an amazing person…

Music is NOT a hobby for me!

I recently met someone who thought what I do is some kind of paid hobby, just a bit of fun… so I need to explain something about how my life as a musician really works and what music means to…